Perfect Sources of Iron for Vegans

Plants Are Rich Sources of Non-Heme Iron

Iron comes in two forms: Non-heme (found in plants) and heme (found in animals). As a vegan or vegetarian, you want to make sure you're getting enough iron in your diet while still avoiding foods derived from animals. At Busy Veganista, we're happy to provide you with suggestions on how to transition your diet into a plant-based one.

Getting Your Iron From With a Whole Foods, Plant Based Diet

Legumes (beans) – lentils

Grains – quinoa

Soy – tofu

Asparagus - 1c. = 1.64 mg

Black beans - 1c. = 3.61 mg

Bok choy - 1c. = 1.77 mg

Cauliflower - 1c. = 4 mg

Collard greens - 1c. = 2.15 mg

Cumin - 2 tsp = 2.79 mg

Edamame - 1c. = 8.8 mg

Lentils 1c. = 6.6 mg

Additional Natural Sources of Iron


Brussel sprouts

Green Leafy vegetables

Dried apricots



Pumpkin seeds


Add More Vitamin C to Your Diet

Eating plant-based foods with Vitamin C can also increase your body's iron absorption by up to five times. Some great sources of Vitamin C include:

Bell peppers


Kiwi – two fruits – 128mg

Mango – 122mg per fruit

Papaya – 95mg per fruit

Pineapple – 75mg of Vitamin C per cup


Strawberries – 85mg of Vitamin C per cup